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Retribution comes once a day
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It runs thick and coarse through the veins of Livejournal bubbling over your computer screen every time an angst ridden teen slashes their wrists. It’s hinged together by a compilation of farcicalities, idiocy, self bravado, and wit. The majority of online debauchery cascades to the waste side unseen. Payback is here to categorize and collate Livejournal rage, drama, humor, and everything else amidst it.


If you find something on Livejournal to be humorous, post it. If you want to talk shit about something or someone, post it. But make sure to friends lock your entry otherwise it will deleted. It is basically up to you what you post. If there’s a picture you like, post it. But you better explain it’s existence. If you want to share something you’ve written from your own journal or otherwise, post it. Just don’t go about the vast majority of boring Livejournal users do. We want to be entertained. Entertained being key.


If you would like someone to make a mockery post of you in the community all in the good name of fun, then you’ll dare to leave a commentary here. Payback Scouts will pick you out of the list and choose what to say about you in a carefully thought out piece. You can also submit something for a Payback Scout to write up, whether it be a critique of Somethingawful’s awfulness, a lame celebrity, or any random thing from Livejournal, once again, it’s up to you.